Temple Timepiece



The Temple Timepiece




I traveled to Dallas, Texas the end of August through beginning of September 2013 for a mosaic workshop with Sonia King .

It was the first time that I have ever taken any mosaic class or workshop. Sonia is a masterful teacher, full of life, humor and spunk. I loved every minute of this time although, I must say, in the beginning I was a bit overwhelmed as I am used to being in my art studio alone. There were seven other people in the workshop and they were all working on their own styles and pieces. For the first two days I couldn’t even think about creating a piece as there was so much to absorb and learn and watch. But then after being up half the night in my Hotel room, I had a revelation of sorts and decided to scrap my ‘Universe’ piece and just go for ‘The Tree of Life’….. I might get brave and post a picture of the finished piece when it’s done.

I did embark on learning the mosaic technique of using a hammer and hardie while I was in the class and am still very excited about incorporating this newly learned skill into my work.

After returning home from the workshop,  the most amazing thing happened while experimenting in the studio……..I picked up an old wooden ornate framed mirror that my husband brought back from Russia and thought about a new mosaic piece  for this old frame….what came of this was a total surprise to me. I heard ‘Temple Timepiece’, and I began to go to work. I’ll post Next time on how and what transpired.

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