New Year…New Pieces

I started this window mosaic of the sunrise beach scene in September of 2014. I had my sister pick up some sand from the beach where this house with this window actually came from. I’m big on pieces having organic roots!
The first few pictures of this piece are my ‘get the design figured out’ with positioning the tile and color….maybe you can see that I first thought I’d put down two Palm trees, but as this piece would take on its own life, two trees was too much. So one tree it was.
I also decided in the process to offset the sunrise and glow in the water, it just worked. I spent weeks putting down glass and replacing removing and changing my mind along the way.
At some point this piece kind of took on a soul of its own….the palm tree was speaking to me about how it wanted to be and so the rest of the piece took shape.
The last few pictures are the graduated grouting done and lighting from behind this scene to light the day……I’m pleased with the end and will be excited to deliver this to my nephew and his wife, Amy.

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