Welcome to the studio, where pottery, mosaic, textile and bookwork are all a part of what happens in Elizabeth’s Studio.

Today, Elizabeth’s work in mosaics is heavily influenced by her past dance career. As the focus of her work evolves, E moves to create new pieces with light, frequency in color and a sense of motion. Her ‘background music’ or ‘flow of life’ comes from her belief  that God has designed her for this specific purpose and more. She professes to be absolutely blessed and drawn, having the time, passion and desire to create in her studio.

She has worked in textile most of her life and has found a new love in bookbinding hand stitched books.

When Elizabeth works in clay and stone, she finds yet another untapped facet of building. E began hand building and sculpting, and recently has a whimsical flare for garden art. She also tends to a large vegetable ‘Urban Garden’ in the front yard of their Historical home in Downtown Orlando, Fl. and manages her time between family, garden and studio.

“I am always a work in process, enjoying this rhythm of life and the wish to unleash my creative potential to its fullest. With the Spirit’s leading and direction, I am able to stay the course set before me and enjoy the ride.”